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What is the Ring of the Towns?

It is a simple way of navigating among the sites about the towns of Puerto Rico on the Internet. By following a link you can go directly from one site to the next in sequence in such a way that if you follow the link enough times you will get back to the site where you started. Hence, the name "Ring". All sites that are part of the Ring have the same coding that can be found easily.

Who keeps the Ring of the Towns?

The Ring of the Towns is maintained by yours truly, Luis E. Rodríguez, the author of the Juana Díaz, PR web site. As the Ringmaster, it is my responsibility to decide which sites are included on the Ring after its author requests so.

Are there any requirements?

Just three things must be kept in mind:

Is there any cost behind this?


I would like to add my web site about a town of Puerto Rico. What should I do?

Just fill this form.

Web site title:  



Enter a maximum of 20 keywords that describe your site.


Enter a short description about your site.

After you submit your information, you should get an e-mail message confirming your application which also includes the HTML code that should be inserted on an easy to find place on your site. Your web site will be added to the Ring once I can confirm the coding has been added. If the coding is not added within seven (7) days after your confirmation, your application will be deleted and you will need to apply again if you wish to become part of the Ring. To make things faster I suggest you send me a little note telling me that your site has been updated properly.

My site already belongs to the Ring. How do I change my information?

Just fill this form.

Site ID:     

Forgot your Site ID? Find it on the ring index.
Lost your password? You can get it here.

What should I add to my site?

Somewhere in your web site you must insert a panel that looks like the example below. You must place it on a prominent location of your site, preferably the home page or some other easily accesible page. You will receive further instructions for proper insertion of the panel via e-mail.

There are two versions, a graphical panel and a text-based one. Use the best one for your web site.

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